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Info Incognito is proud to provide a necessary solution for healthcare (HIPAA), financial service (PCI/DSS), and education service (FERPA) providers to anonymize (mask and de-identify) their electronic personal identifiable information that is contained in databases and data files that are being used for valuable secondary purposes. We help our clients meet their regulatory requirements while reducing the risks, costs, and damages associated with data breach. Some of the common secondary uses of data include:

  1. ​Making copies of production databases and data files for:
    • Quality assurance testing • Internal and external development teams
    • Outsourced third-party health management services
  2. Using electronic medical records as a source of clinically relevant patient data for use in observational studies including: • Epidemiologic studies
    • Health services research
    • Clinical studies and clinical trials

Info Incognito uses proven technology tools and industry standard techniques to produce high quality data sets containing anonymized de-identified data. The source database or data set is transformed into de-identified data while still providing the functional usefulness of the data. Our process and automated solutions include support for both HIPAA Safe Harbor and Expert Determination methods. Our process begins with an initial consultation meeting which includes asking our clients a few key questions up-front.

Please take a moment to review our website. If you find you need further explanation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our courteous professionals would be happy to explain all the benefits Info Incognito has to offer in plain language you can easily understand.

Please contact Info Incognito at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with your team to help secure your data and reduce your risk. 

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Anonymization at Your Fingertips

We are a team of experts in mathematics, statistics, and secure data processing technology. Our staff includes Ph.D level employees who join together to form an expert committee. The expert committee focuses on applying a defined methodology for establishing and evaluating the risk of re-identification in datasets or databases containing sensitive personal identifiers. In addition to documenting the entire process, the expert committee also defines the necessary data masking and de-identification strategy that will be applied by our technology team resulting in datasets that reduce the probability of re-identification to very low and acceptable levels.

At Info Incognito we believe that protecting an individual's identity is critical for discovering future advancements in population health and other quality of life improvements. Patients are reluctant to share information if they feel that the information is not secure. We need to provide a secure approach that can facilitate information sharing while also:

  • Protecting the privacy of individuals
  • Meeting federal regulatory requirements including HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, PCI/DSS, and others
  • Reducing the possible risks, costs, and damage caused by data breach

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