Info Incognito has a sophisticated risk-based methodology for implementing the HIPAA Expert Determination method.

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Info Incognito has a defined HIPAA Safe Harbor process consisting of five steps for anonymizing the data and delivering the results. We start out with an initial project scoping consultation that sets the stage and ultimately determines the techniques that will be used to perform anonymization by first discussing. 

  • The source data set and sensitivity of the data
  • The data recipients
  • What the purpose of sharing the data is
  • Where the source data will be accessed from and how the target results will be provided
  • How often the process will be required to run

Below is a high-level outline of our five step process:​

1. Project scoping consultation

  • Conduct a remote Q&A project scoping video conference with client’s representatives

  • Estimate complexity, timeframe, and cost
  • Present deliverables to client for review

2. Analyze source data and define transformation rules

  • Receive source data or securely connect to client’s network

  • Identify direct and indirect identifiers

  • Define masking, suppression, or de-identification transformation rules

3. Develop automated process

  • Create the software that transforms the source input data using the rules defined in the previous step

  • Produce the target data set using the automated process

4. Perform quality assurance review

  • Perform Info Incognito internal quality assurance review of the anonymized data to ensure accuracy

  • Present client with the anonymized data to ensure satisfaction and acceptance

​5. Deliver target result data and support plan

  • ​Create the anonymized target data set or database

  • Provide or make available the target data set or database to its intended final recipient
  • Establish plan for support and ongoing operations

safe harbor method

This service enables our clients to understand the true information sharing risks and to make sure that the risk of re-identification from the information shared is well below the established thresholds. It allows them to safely provide functional data for research and other valuable purposes.

We can apply our sophisticated risk-based methodology to your datasets. We have an expert committee comprised of PHD and Master’s level computer science, mathematics, and statistics experts that work together focusing on your data sharing initiatives. 

The first step is contacting us to schedule a project scoping consultation or to learn more.

Anonymization at Your Fingertips

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Info Incognito applies a sophisticated risk-based methodology to enable the sharing of sensitive data between organizations for secondary research or other purposes. We create supporting documentation and automated solutions to anonymize and de-identify personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive quasi identifiers contained in electronic databases and data files.

Our approach evaluates functional needs, mitigating controls, motives, capacity, and data sensitivity for the purpose of establishing information sharing risk thresholds. Generalization hierarchies for quasi-identifiers are created feeding into a lattice evaluation process. Then, multiple cluster based methods like k-anonymity, l-diversity, t-closeness are applied to sufficiently de-identify sensitive information while minimizing information loss and ultimately delivering on the functional usefulness of the data. 

HIPAA Expert Determination Method

Using the “Safe Harbor” standard as outlined in the HIPAA Privacy rule, Info Incognito experts will develop a solution to mask, generalize, or suppress the following sensitive personally identifiable information (PII):
  • All 18 direct and indirect identifiers specified by the HIPAA standard
  • Any other identifying codes, numbers, or characteristics
  • Other information that could be used alone or in combination with other information to identify a data subject (Actual Knowledge) 

The automated masking solution can be installed on-site or it can be managed remotely from our secure hosting center over a private encrypted secure network. Our solution can be applied to any industry that is required to protect the privacy of individuals including insurance, financial services, education, human resources, advertising, retail, and others.

This service enables our clients to utilize valuable data for secondary purposes while still meeting regulatory requirements. It also significantly reduces the risks, costs, and damages associated with internal and external data breach.
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