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Do you have Personally Identifiable Information (PII)  in your electronic records? 

De-identification is mandated when using Protected Health Information (PHI) for secondary purposes without patient consent.  Info Incognito has a proven processes to mask and de-identify PHI for compliance with:

*    HIPAA Safe Harbor

*    HIPAA Expert Determination

*    GDPR

Info Incognito helps you de-identify your data and images to:

*    Protect patient privacy

*    Reduce data breach risks

*    Comply with government regulations

*    Expand revenue-generating opportunities 

                                 Reduce Risk and Comply with Confidence

Info Incognito specializes in removing risk from your data and images. We are proud to be a leader in this field. In fact, we’ve never had a reported incident of re-identification. We provide you with documentation in case of a future audit. With Info Incognito, you can be confident that you’re compliant with HIPAA Safe Harbor, HIPAA Expert Determination or GDPR.

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with extra layers of privacy protection, security, and compliance

Info Incognito can develop, host, operate and support your
de-identification and sensitive data processing in our highly
secure HIPAA and SOCII compliant data center.

We adhere to regulatory policies and procedures and perform independent, third-party audits to maintain compliance.

De-Identify and comply


Info Incognito combines expertise across mathematics, statistics and secure data processing technology to provide industry–leading data and image de-identification solutions.

Our proven process and scalable solutions lets us deliver exactly what our clients need with speed and accuracy. Whether it’s consulting or custom software, we are the solution for your de-identification project needs:

*    Review and Advise
*    Actionable Recommendations
*    Specifications
*    Solutions

Streamline your clinical workflows with Info Incognito’s customized data and image processing services. We work with each client to advance clinical trials and other research in the most secure and compliant manner with specialized processing to interface with third-party clinical applications.

de-identification consulting and data processing services

de-identification consulting and data processing services