Info Incognito has created a data de-identification service that is used to protect the privacy of individuals, reduce the risks associated with data breach, and comply with government regulations. We will build an automated process to mask and de-Identify personally identifiable information (PII) that is contained within your electronic records. De-identification is absolutely required when using protected health information (PHI) for secondary purposes without the patient’s consent.  GDPR pseudonymization can be used in support of compliance with the GDPR. Some examples of secondary purposes include copying production databases and datasets for the purpose of quality assurance testing, software development, research, and outsourced services. Info Incognito supports both the HIPAA Safe Harbor method and the HIPAA Expert Determination method as well as the GDPR.

De-Identify and comply

​Providing customized software and consulting services for

data and image de-identification purposes.

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