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secure and compliant data processing

One example of Info Incognito’s custom data processing is how we work with pharmaceutical companies participating in ophthalmological clinical trials. This includes performing specialized data and image processing (at a very large scale) for many modalities. Our experiences with ophthalmology applications include:

Clinical application integration

De-identification at Your Fingertips

Sharing images and data is important for advancing population health. Our sensitive data processing services allow your data and images to advance life-saving research and clinical trials while keeping the data secure. Info Incognito’s custom data processing services include:

  • De-Identification of data and clinical images using anonymization, generalization, pseudonymization, tokenization, suppression, and other techniques
  • Extraction and update image metadata in DICOM, JPEG, PNG, TIF, and other file types
  • Data enhancement using lookups and logic
  • Custom folder structure and filename naming
  • Specialized clinical application integration including import and export file processing

To discuss your specific data processing needs or to learn more about our clinical application expertise, schedule a call today.

Info Incognito specializes in secure and compliant data processing services to meet your regulatory requirements, support clinical trials, and advance healthcare research.

Make the most of your data and images