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At Info Incognito we believe that protecting the identify of individuals in your data is critical in discovering future advancements in health and other benefits around the improvements in life. In order to accomplish this, you'll need to have an expert who is familiar with the GDPR help you with analyzing the personal identifiers in your data and developing a GDPR pseudonymization solution.

Our GDPR Pseudonymization service reviews the data being requested and identifies the data elements that are required to be de-identified according to the GDPR.  Then we develop software to perform the required GDPR anonymization, pseudonymization, or tokenization on the data. This service helps you with:

*    Ensuring regulatory compliance.

*    Reducing the risks associated with data breach.

*    Locating, classifying, and documenting personal identifiers within datasets.

*    Developing a data pseudonymization solution that enables the use of the data.

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Why use GDPR Pseudonymization services? 

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