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Info Incognito specializes in Heidelberg de-identification services including HEYEX de-identification services and DICOM image de-identification services to meet your regulatory requirements, support clinical trials, and advance healthcare research.

Make the most of your Heidelberg Heyex data and images

Sharing images and data is important for advancing population health. Our Heidelberg de-identification services allow your data and images to advance life-saving research and clinical trials while keeping the data secure. Info Incognito’s Heidelberg de-identification services include E2E file processing, DICOM image de-identification services, custom data processing services, modality specific processing (CFP, OCT, OCTA, Angiography) and HEYEX de-identification services.

To discuss your specific data processing needs or to learn more about our HEYEX de-identification services or DICOM image de-identification services, schedule a call today.

Why use HEIDELBERG De-Identification Services?