We are a team with combined expertise across mathematics, statistics, and secure data processing technology. Headquartered in Chicago, Info Incognito has a global staff of  Ph.D. experts, PMP Certified Project Managers, Software Engineers and Database Developers who provide customized software and consulting services for data and image de-identification.

Our mission is to apply a defined methodology to evaluate the re-identification risk in datasets, secure sensitive personal identifiers and document the entire process. We ensure that all necessary data is part of the de-identification strategy.

Info Incognito’s core focus is to help you:

*    Protect the privacy of individuals, patients, employees, and your customers
*    Meet the regulatory requirements of HIPAA and GDPR
*    Reduce risks, costs and damages caused by data breach.

​​​Shared passion for advancing healthcare

*    Founder and President of Info Incognito, a division of Trial Vault International. Inc.
*    Over 25 years of experience designing and developing computer applications, databases, data warehouses, secure HIPAA-compliant web

      portals and data de-identification initiatives
*    Leads the Info Incognito team with forward-thinking strategy, roadmap planning and scalable technology solutions

Who is info incognito?

We believe that protecting an individual's identity is critical for discovering future advancements in population health and other quality of life improvements. Your patients are reluctant to share information that may be compromised. That’s why we provide a secure approach for the important information sharing that’s necessary for healthcare advancements. 

How we help you


​​​we specialize so you don't have to

      Reduce Risk and Comply with Confidence

Info Incognito has a proven process and the software, technology and tools for custom solutions. We follow industry insights and have a history of performing standard techniques. Our automated solutions transform your source database, dataset or image library into high-quality de-identified data while maintaining usefulness of the data and images.

Meet Paul Hannon

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Info Incognito solves your healthcare (HIPAA Safe Harbor and Expert Determination methods) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance needs. Our proven de-identification (pseudonymization) process removes personally identifiable information in your databases, data files and image libraries. We help you meet regulatory requirements with an added level of trust between you and your patients, employees and customers.

Paul takes an active role in every Info Incognito project

"I'm passionate about protecting the privacy of individuals while enabling advancements in healthcare."