At Info Incognito we believe the de-identification of your data is critical in discovering future advancements in health and other benefits around the improvements in life. In order to accomplish this, you'll need to have an expert who can effectively analyze your data using an expert determination method.

Our Expert Determination Analysis service reviews the data being requested and identifies the data elements that are required to be de-identified using the HIPAA Expert Determination method. We use a risk-based methodology that is consistent with the HIPAA privacy rule "expert determination method" to establish a risk threshold value. We make recommendations for de-identifying the data using generalization and suppression techniques ensuring the risk of re-identification is below the established risk threshold. This service helps you with:

*    Ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing the risks associated with non-


*    Locating patient identifiers and other sensitive attributes within datasets.

*    Enabling data de-identification while still maintaining the usefulness of the data for

      analysis purposes.

*    Creating a de-identification requirements specification.

Expert Determination method

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