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There is tremendous value that can be gained from analyzing images created from clinical trials or from providing clinical care to patients. However, before these images can be shared with researchers, students, or other interested parties they must be de-identified to protect the privacy of the individual who is the subject in the image.

Our DICOM Image De-Identification service will de-identify DICOM image files and other file formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. This includes suppressing or masking data elements that are contained in the image metadata as well as redacting the text that is displayed on the pixel data (image picture). This service helps you with:

*    Sharing insightful images with interested third-parties

*    Protecting the privacy of the individual who is the subject in the image

*    Reducing the risks from violating federal regulations including fines, lawsuits, lost

      customers, and damage to your brand

*    Maximizing the value of image assets by leveraging them to improve patient care

      and contribute to overall population health

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dicom Image De-Identification

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