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Sharing images and data is important for advancing population health. Our Zeiss CIRRUS de-identification services allow your data and images to advance life-saving research and clinical trials while keeping the data secure. Info Incognito’s Zeiss CIRRUS de-identification services include import and export processing including IMG, RAW, and native formats. folder and file processing, DICOM metadata extract, custom data processing services, modality specific processing (OCT, OCTA, Swept-Source OCT Angiography) and Zeiss PLEX Elite de-identification services.

To discuss your specific data processing needs or to learn more about our Zeiss CIRRUS de-identification services or Zeiss PLEX Elite de-identification services, schedule a call today.

Why use Zeiss CIRRUS De-Identification Services?

Info Incognito specializes in Zeiss de-identification services including Zeiss CIRRUS de-identification services and Zeiss PLEX Elite de-identification services to meet your regulatory requirements, support clinical trials, and advance healthcare research.

Make the most of your Zeiss cirrus and ZEISS PLEX Elite data and DICOM images